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Oct 1, 2004 Jott Pee

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Kölle Ajuja Koelle Ajuja (Cologne Carnival Weird Electro Mix) This Mini Album contains the extended version of recordings and edits done in the carnival days 2003. The original samples taken with a hidden microphone and a minidisk recording unit have been realized in the bars and streets of cologne while the carnival celebrations came to climax. Later on he remixed 111 taken samplez and added fat drumgrooves and synthesizer lines to draw an accoustic genre-painting far away from the view of...
So Healthy Music
Aug 23, 2004 Colektro

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Electric kitchen tapes - a delicious insight into the electronic music of the cologne resident producer colektro. Listen to the fluffy, spacy, liquid, tasty, superposed, bittersweet, tonic, bitcrushed, remodelled, punchy, sparkling, croon, melancholic, laid back, minimal, passionate, obscure, prosperous, distracted, enlightened, textured, quixotic, flashing, delightful, inspired, emotional, trancy, floating, weird, cushy, subsonic, superior selected blend of sounds, taken from a huge archive of...
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Topics: Ambient, Dubhouse, Sound Art, Thrill'n'Bass, Indie-Pop, Full Album
Source: minidiskrecorder, harddisk, studio
Community Audio
Aug 22, 2004 Colektro

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the complete retrospective album
Source: Mini Disk recorder, Studio